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A true two channel, high performance AIS receiver, with dual USB and NMEA 0183 output and powered either by the USB or external 12/24v supply cart Buy now

The AIS-3R is a high performance, dual channel AIS receiver, with outputs for both NMEA 0183 and USB. The AIS-3R reads and decodes all AIS messages that are specifieded and transmitted by AIS Class A and Class B transponders, AIS SARTs and Aids to Navigation. The AIS targets together with all the static and dynamic information received can be displayed on any AIS compatible Chart Plotter or PC navigation program such as seaPro.

The unit can be operated in various modes to suit the particular application. If connected by a USB cable to a PC the unit is powered by the PC and data is transmitted via the USB cable providing a compact solution Whilst powered by the USB, NMEA 0183 output is also available from the Power/Data port.

If required a NMEA 0183 GPS input can be connected via the Power / Data port, the GPS sentences will be multiplexed with the AIS data to provide position information to the PC.
Note: Connecting the GPS directly to the PC or other device is recommend.

The unit can be powered directly from an external 12/24V DC power supply (ships batteries) and can provide both USB and NMEA 0183 data output

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Key features  
Low-cost anti-collision / monitoring system
Receives positions and other data from AIS equipped vessels within VHF range

USB connection for data and power or 12/24v DC power supply and NMEA 0183 output

Power and channel receive indicators (LED)
Contains two high performance channel receivers (parallel) for fast acquisition of data.
Supports all messages including Class A, Class B, Aids to Navigation (ATN) and SART's via the standard NMRA 0183 VDM sentence
Low power consumption
Compatible with the seaPro professional and leisure range of software, for full charting, navigation and AIS capability.
Information that can be received includes:
  • Name of vessel
  • Call sign
  • Type of vessel
  • Destination
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Heading
  • Position
  • Navigational status
  • Rate of turn
  • Vessel dimensions
  • MMSI number
  • Aids to Navigation
  • SARTs

The actual information decoded depends on your AIS display software - all AIS messages can be received.

An AIS viewer, such as seaPro is used to display the target data etc on a chart.

You can download a free copy of seaPro lite (free) from the Euronav web site

AIS-3R receiver pack includes

  • AIS-3R AIS receiver with built in mounting brackets (4 mounting holes)
  • USB Data/power cable to connect to PC
  • CD with USB driver

Note: A separate standard marine VHF antenna and cable is required


Technical Description

The AIS-3R is a compact dual channel synthesized VHF receiver designed to receive and decode transmissions from vessels fitted with both Class 'A' Class 'B' AIS transceivers as well as Aids to Navigation (ATN) and AIS SART's.

Power supply range : Via USB connection or 12/24v DC

Output USB (v2.0 compatible)
Via virtual com port installed with the driver
Baud rate : 38.4KB
Format : NMEA 0183
Output message : VDM (all messages)

Output serial NMEA 0183
Baud rate : 38.4KB
Format : NMEA 0183
Output message : VDM (all messages)

Receiver x2
Frequency :
AIS 1 161.975 MHz, AIS 2 162.025 MHz
Channel spacing : 25KHz
Sensitivity : -112dBm
Demodulation : GMSK
Data Rate (RF): 9600
Antenna Impedance : 50 ohms

Dimensions: (approximate)
Length: 120mm, Width: 85mm, Height: 37mm
Weight : 220g
Mounting : Built in bracket (4 holes)
Connectors : VHF antenna BNC
Data output: USB and /or NMEA 0183 serial
Power: USB or 12/24v DC (Ship batteries)

PC viewer program such as seaPro


Euronav seaPro navigational software with AIS

AIS class B transponder