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World-wide tidal heights database  
Option for seaPro navigation products (inc lite)

Adds a world-wide database for most of the worlds primary and secondary ports.

Although some sample tidal data is provided for a few ports within seaPro. To add extra ports you need to enter the harmonic data for each port required from the appropriate publication.

The alternative for those wanting more data, without the work, is to simply purchase the world-wide database and then select them from within seaPro (see below).

Key features -

Contains a world wide database for most of the published ports (including secondary ports)

Data is based on data licensed from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (see note 1) and other sources
Works with the 3D pilot to show dynamically moving tidal heights
Simple to install
Tidal measurement locations can be displayed on the charts

1. The data has not been checked or verified by the hydrographic offices. Where the best possible predictions are required, Total Tide is recommended - please call for details.